*Safe Routes to Schools - Update*


Construction of the Safe Routes to Schools Sidewalk Project will begin

June 25, 2018

Substantial completion is anticipated by August 29, 2018

The area of construction starts in front of Pollard School, heads north, both sides of the street, on Route 121A to Elm Street, continuing up Elm Street, odd number side of street only, to the corner of Park Ave

The construction layout plan is available on the Planning Department page of the Town of Plaistow website

Following the LPA requirements related to this project the construction contract was awarded to

J. Parker and Daughters, Pittsfield, NH.  

Hoyle, Tanner and Associates are the Consultants for the Town of Plaistow

Town of Plaistow Point of Contact:  Dee Voss, Planning Coordinator 603-382-5200 X202 or dvoss@plaistow.com