Update on the Westville Road Bridge Reconstruction

Update on the Westville Road Bridge Reconstruction...

Questions regarding the bridge reconstruction project have been noted. Therefore, we wanted to provide everyone with an official update on the project.

To remind you, the project entails replacing the narrow Westville Road bridge with a new wider structure that will slightly soften the dangerous curve and provide a sidewalk on one side. In anticipation of the eventuality of potable water, a water line is also being installed for future connection.

The project is relatively on schedule. The torrential downpours of this summer have caused some work delays and pushed up against the schedule. But as of right now, assuming the weather holds and sub-contractors cooperate, the re-opening is still schedule for August 24, 2019. If that changes another update will be provided.

The project is on budget. Again, just to remind everyone, this project is funded under the NH Bridge Aid Program and is an 80/20 (State/Town) reimbursement program. All the town's share of funding is from previously-approved warrant articles voted at March Town Meetings over the last few years.

To be clear, the bridge re-opening is not the completion of the project, there will still be work to be done. The substantial completion date is still October 15, with final completion by November 14.

We know it's fun to get up-close-and-personal and check out the work being done. But, the Town would like to remind people that this is an active construction site and ask that you please refrain from going near or on the site, whether or not there is work in-progress, while the bridge is closed. Once the bridge is re-opened extra caution and patience will still needed while the project is finishing up.

We understand that this project has been a challenge for all who use Westville Road to get around; particularly since Unitil decided to upgrade underground gas lines at the same time. Unfortunately, construction season is somewhat limited in New Hampshire and we need to get things done while the weather allows and the State funding is available.

We greatly appreciate everyone's understanding, and patience, particularly the residents and businesses on Westville Road and the surrounding neighborhoods. You've all been amazing!

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact the Planning Department at 603-382-5200 X202.