Fire Department

Mission Statement:

As members of the Plaistow Fire Department, we are committed to respond to each alarm in a safe and professional manner, to protect lives and property to the best of our collective abilities, without undue risk or cost. We will respect each other, and acknowledge that all have something to offer the organization. We will treat those that call for our services with respect and compassion and take no action to further aggravate their situation. We will strive to be a positive influence in the community, thereby gaining the confidence and trust of those we serve.

PLAISTOW FIRE DEPARTMENT - Philosophy of Our Mission:

To fully achieve our mission, we must commit to a philosophy that has at its foundation the basic principle that each member is an integral part of the organization, and that no single individual can accomplish our mission on their own. Each element of our mission can be achieved by every member with reasonable dedication to, and support from the organization.

RESPONSE: Each member is committed to respond to every call that they are physically and mentally prepared for. If a member cannot meet either the physical or mental challenges that routinely present themselves in the Fire/Rescue Service, they are obligated to restrict their activities appropriately such that they do not constitute an undue risk to the community or other members of the department. If one cannot be a part of the solution, they will most likely become a part of the problem.

RISK: Each member acknowledges that the Fire/Rescue Service poses certain hazards and risks. We are committed to minimizing those risks wherever possible and taking only those calculated risks that are absolutely necessary based on the nature of the emergency.

COST: We will not engage in any activity that is a willful and deliberate means to waste material or time. We will minimize further damage to property during firefighting operations to that damage absolutely necessary to suppress the hazard or to protect exposures. We will treat property as our own and treat it accordingly.

ABILITY: Each member will maintain their level of knowledge to the best of their ability by attending routine training sessions offered by the department as often as possible. We will be open to new ideas and methods that may be introduced to the department. We will share our knowledge with other members of the department so that they may better serve the community.

RESPECT: We will treat those we serve with dignity, respect and compassion. We will treat each other as we would like to be treated.

IMAGE: We will assume that all of our actions, both departmental and personal, are open to public scrutiny and could be reported by the various media.

Our apparatus and equipment will be maintained as if each call were to be a parade detail. Our name is on each piece and the visible condition of the apparatus and equipment will be a direct reflection on how we are perceived to care for that which the town provides for us.

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Staff Contacts

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John H. McArdle Fire Chief (603) 382-5012