Plaistow Office of Emergency Management

Plaistow, New Hampshire

The Plaistow Office of Emergency Management was founded on September 29, 1982, and is responsible for managing and mitigating risk for the Town of Plaistow, and is responsible for program operations including emergency planning, training & education, business continuity, compliance, risk management, and other safety or environmental health and safety tasks, utilizing and following federal, state and local public health and safety laws and regulations. Some key responsibilities of the Plaistow Office of Emergency Management are noted below:

  • Plan, organize, direct, and coordinate all public emergencies.
  • Respond to all potential emergency incidents including inclement weather events
  • Maintain current Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP) and update as needed.
  • Oversee operation and coordination of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Recruit community members to serve on the CERT.
  • Coordinate preparedness, response, recovery and resources with surrounding communities, schools, state, and federal emergency organizations.
  • Develop, conduct, and coordinate programs for all aspects of emergency management, business continuity and campus safety within the municipality and various departments housed throughout the Town of Plaistow. Prepare, publish, and distribute all reports and associated compliance documentation.
  • Coordinate communication ensuring compliance with emergency notification, public announcements as required by policy and associated documents.

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ReadyNH has developed NH ALERTS to provide you with information and resources to take action and keep your family safe in emergencies.

Remember that when disaster strikes, your family will depend on you, YOU will be the superhero!!

You can now sign up for CODE RED severe weather alerts from the State of NH (mobile app is being developed).

Use the link below to sign up for Emergency Alerts.



Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Patrick Kiley Deputy Emergency Managment Director 603-382-2494
Chris Knutsen Emergency Management Director