Citizen Police Academy



The Citizen’s Police Academy is a community policing initiative aimed at building stronger relationships with the members of the community by providing participants with greater insight to the many functions of the police department.  We are happy to say that our first session of the Citizen’s Police Academy, in 2017, was so well received that we made it an annual event.  This year’s session will begin on Tuesday, February 27th.  Classes are held one night per week, for a period of twelve weeks.  Most of the classes are held right at the police station, but some of the “hands-on” classes are held at other locations within the town.

The course instruction is comprehensive, covering a different area of the Police Department each week.  Certified police officers, supervisors, and civilian employees with particular expertise in their field will conduct each topic.  Participants will also have the opportunity to ride along with a patrol officer during a shift and will also have the opportunity to learn defensive tactics as well as firearms training.  There is no cost for this class.

Graduates from the Citizen’s Police Academy will have a better understanding of the operation of the Plaistow Police Department and a greater awareness and appreciation of the challenges and decisions faced by the members of the Plaistow Police Department each and every day.  Community involvement is the most powerful tool any law enforcement agency has in its fight against crime.

Who should attend the Academy?

·  Any Plaistow resident, 18 years of age or older, who is interested in learning more about law enforcement or the Police Department.

·  Any resident who is wondering if law enforcement may be their calling.

· College students/graduates who are pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Student Testimonials

This course gave me a great understanding of police officers' daily work day.  It opened my eyes to things that I never thought of.     - E. McDonald, Session I

I gained a much better understanding of all the functions of the department and how the specialties of each officer contribute to the success of the department.  It was also very eye opening to learn why the officers act a certain way and say the things they do while on the job.    - A. Hall, Session I

I enjoyed the weekly enthusiasm from each of the presenters.  Their passion for their job was evident throughout the presentations.  I now have a better appreciation for the police department, their operations, and how business is conducted.         - M. Mascola, Session I

I honestly enjoyed learning more about what goes on to protect the community.  I realize that you really need the community to be involved in small towns like Plaistow.     - J. Romero, Session I

A local records and criminal history check will be performed on all applicants selected for admission.  Persons with a history of theft, repeated offenses, drug related crimes and any other history which would call the character of the applicant into question will not be considered.

Please complete the Citizen Police Academy Application, which is attached below, and submit it to Captain Brett Morgan. 

For further information, or if you have any questions, please contact Cpt. Morgan at 603-382-1200 or 


Class 1

-  Introduction/Facility Tour

-  Dispatch/Radio Protocols

Class 2

-  Constitutional Law/ Laws of Arrest

-  Probable Cause/Warrants & Affidavits

-  Juvenile Laws

Class 3

-  Patrol Procedures & Arrest/Booking

-  MV Laws

Class 4

-  Defensive Tactics/Handcuffing/Officer Safety

Class 5

-  Criminal Laws & Domestic Violence

-  Accident Investigation

Class 6

-  DWI & Field Sobriety Testing

Class 7

-  Investigations/Evidence & Property

Class 8

-  Drug Investigation

-  K9 Program

Class 9

-  Firearms Safety & Range Time

Class 10

-  Dynamic Scenarios

Class 11

-  Mock Arrest & Trial

Class 12

-  Graduation


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