Marriage Licenses

Couples may obtain a Marriage License from any NH Town Clerk and be married / united anywhere in the State of New Hampshire. They will need an ID: it may be a Driver's License, Passport or a Birth Certificate (in English) and a photo ID. 

Both the Partners must be 18 years of age, or obtain a waiver from a New Hampshire Judge. (NH residents only) You may obtain the waiver at the county court house (not district courts) and you must have a parent or guardian sign off for the waiver.

The license is valid for up to 90 days and is effective immediately. The cost is $50.00.

The cost of a certified copy is $15.00 and $10.00 for each subsequent copy. Copies are available only after the license has been returned to our office by the officiant and recorded into the state system.

If this is not a first marriage/union, we will need the certified copy showing how the prior marriage/union ended (either divorce, dissolution or death certificate). This is only on the most recent marriage/union. We must have the certified copy, not a photocopy or a preliminary copy. If the divorce, dissolution or death occurred in NH after the year 1989, we can print you a copy for a cost of $15.00.

You may use as an officiant any clergy person or Justice of the Peace. If they are not licensed in NH they must obtain a special license to perform the ceremony from the Secretary of State's office at a small cost. (call: (603) 271-3242)