Groundwater Protection and Best Management Practices

Groundwater protection

Plaistow Groundwater Protection and Best Management Practices Survey Program

The Town of Plaistow has received a grant to review the Town’s critical groundwater resources, the sole source of drinking water for Plaistow’s citizens and businesses.

As part of the grant, we are reaching out to a number of businesses and residents to help establish partnerships to support a greater awareness of water resource challenges facing Plaistow. The ultimate goal is to protect the quality and quantity of Plaistow’s drinking water supply by identifying and managing potential sources of contamination. As part of this effort we have initiated a program to ensure that substances that have the potential to pollute groundwater are managed in a manner so that they are not released into our environment.

We have developed this webpage to provide additional information to Plaistow residents and businesses on how we can all do more to prevent groundwater pollutants from affecting Plaistow’s drinking water resources. Clean drinking water is one of the most important public health responsibilities and also plays a critical role in supporting Plaistow’s economic development and sustainability.

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