Charter of the Highway Safety Advisory Committee

The Plaistow Highway Safety Advisory Committee (HSAC) is an advisory Committee appointed by the Board of Selectmen.  Its purpose is to make recommendations to the Selectmen on such matters as road signage, intersection safety, speed limits on Town roads, and other issues related to highway safety in the Town.  The Board of Selectmen may ask the HSAC to investigate certain matters, or the HSAC may independently identify issues of concern and make appropriate recommendations to the Selectmen.


Membership on the Committee is as follows:


Chief of Police

Fire Chief

Highway Supervisor

Building Inspector

Town Planner/Coordinator

Pollard School Representative

Selectmen Representative

(3) Citizen Representatives

(1) Alternate Citizen Representatives


The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman will be “ex officio” members chosen every two (2) years by the members of the Committee.  Members will be appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The Board of Selectmen Representative, Citizen Representatives, and Alternate Citizen Representatives are two (2) year terms and all others are members “ex officio”. Citizen and Alternate Citizen Representatives must be residents of the Town of Plaistow.    


Meeting minutes and agendas will be posted and available to view on the Town’s website.  The Committee meets on a quarterly basis throughout the year or as needed.  In order to raise a concern or get on the Committee’s meeting agenda, a resident, or others, are asked to the contact the Chairman, in writing, by correspondence or email as outlined on the Town website.


(Note: The Committee does not address issues concerning snow plowing, street sweeping, trash pick-up, or school bus pick-ups/discharge.)


Amended and Adopted by BOS: 4/25/2018